Introducing: Apiecalypse Now, a new vegan bakery with an activist agenda

Introducing: Apiecalypse Now, a new vegan bakery with an activist agenda

Introducing: Apiecalypse NowName: Apiecalypse Now
Neighbourhood: Mirvish Village
Contact Info: 589 Markham St., 416-800-1736, @ApiecalypseNow
Owner and Chef: Jennifer Bundock

The Food: Sweet and savoury vegan comfort food. Owner, chef and proud vegan activist Jennifer Bundock came up with most of her meat- and dairy-free repertoire as a way to indulge nostalgic junk-food cravings without compromising her convictions. Current menu items include faux-sausage rolls and mock-chicken pot pie; jam-stuffed “compassion flakies” made with cashew ricotta; and rainbow cookie sandwiches designed to taste like Dunk-a-Roos. Vegan spreads, dressings and dips can be purchased by the jar.

The Drinks: Cold-pressed coffee from local brewers Northwood, Jennifer’s favourite press in the city. Come summertime, she’d like to install a slushie machine.

The Place: The subterranean space used to be a popular after-hours destination. Jennifer carted away the stained couches and transformed the space into a fully operating commercial kitchen and bright retail bakery. The distressed wood counter and handmade glass cases display her golden inventory of baked sweets and savouries. They’re also plastered with stickers promoting various organizations and activism alliances, some of which receive a cut of the shop’s proceeds. In opening her store, Jennifer hopes to connect with people through vegan food and important causes.

The Numbers:
• 40 stickers, with activist objectives, pasted to all available surfaces
• 8 vegan pies
• 6 day setback due to frozen pipes during December’s ice storm
• 1 makeshift vintage bomb shelter
• 1 lucky rabbit (made of porcelain)