How to eat and store summer’s best produce

How to eat and store summer’s best produce

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There’s something so right about sinking your teeth into a sweet cob of corn or a savoury heirloom tomato sandwich. Sourcing fresh, in-season produce makes all the difference, but so does sourcing sustainably. By working with 150 local farmers and artisans, Mama Earth Organics delivers sustainability alongside brimming baskets of in-season produce, sustainable meat, seafood and chef-prepped meals.

“Working with local farms allows us to plan for fun and uncommon varieties of in-season products,” says Jean-Charles Dupoire, who leads the charge on new recipe development as Director of Product Operations at Mama Earth Organics.  “Everyone loves a fun twist. We have zucchini balls, tomatillos, haskap berries and yellow watermelons coming to our spring and summer baskets.” A shorter supply chain also significantly decreases food mileage. But that’s not the only way they stay sustainable. For 15 years, Mama Earth Organics has been helping farmers practice regenerative agriculture. They also use reusable and returnable packaging and fine-tune delivery routes to reduce carbon emissions.

With 10-plus basket options starting at just $30 and access to over 150 local artisans and sustainable meat and seafood options, Mama Earth Organics is versatile and commitment-free. And until June 26th, you can save 25 percent off your first three orders. Just use promo code TORONTOLIFE.*

To help you stretch the sustainability of your freshly-picked produce, we broke down how to make the most of your spring Mama Earth Organics haul:


Here’s a tongue-twister for you, fiddleheads are a young fern’s furled fronds. Be sure to clean them really well— and don’t eat them raw. Rinse through a few changes of water and boil for about 10 mins before using in your favourite recipe (try them sauteed in garlic butter with lemon). The unique greens are sweet like asparagus with a green bean crunch.
How to store: Wrap loosely in a paper towel and keep in the fridge. Eat within a few days.

Wild leeks

Onion’s forest-dwelling cousin, leeks are mild and delicious in any recipe that calls for onions. Once sliced and washed in a bowl of water (sand lurks between the layers), use them in pesto, a soup or frizzled in oil to serve atop a bowl of nubby grains.
How to store: Keep these green friends in the fridge.

You know asparagus, but do you know local asparagus? The farm-to-table difference is substantial.  Dupoire recommends grilling your stalks or adding them to a frittata that you serve al fresco, naturally.
How to store: Stand washed asparagus stalks in a jar of water in the fridge. 


Garlic scapes
When garlic scapes are in season, you’ll know it. Social media is abuzz with pretty pictures of scape-made pesto. A tad spicier than garlic, Dupoire suggests you grill them with a touch of oil and salt and pepper, or chop them up and add them to stir-fries.
How to store: House in the fridge for a week or two, or wash and chop scrapes to freeze for later use.

Haskap berries
Never met a haskap? It’s due time. An edible honeysuckle, these long blueberries are juicy, tart, a bit sweet and a flavour you just have to taste to believe. Toss them in your mouth or blend them into a sweet vinaigrette dressing for your summer salads.
How to store: These will keep for about a week in the fridge. If you can’t use them in time, freeze them for later.

Wild morel mushrooms

One of the most sought-after wild mushrooms is available in summer Mama Earth Organic baskets! The meaty shroom leans into nutty and earthy flavour territory and is simply the best sauteed in garlic butter and paired with pasta.
How to store: Please, no bags. Your morels need ventilation. Let them loose in a roomy container in the fridge.

Ready-made meals to the rescue

Chocolate Beet Cupcakes

On top of baskets of fresh, local produce, Mama Earth Organics offers made-from-scratch, chef-prepared meals and treats. In May, look for Chocolate Beet Cupcakes, fresh baked croissants, Garlic & Parsley Chicken Burgers, and Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach & Asiago Chicken Sausages. June sees Morel Mushroom & Garlic Scape Quiche and Strawberry Cheesecake Jars.

Summer produce and meals to look forward to

Dragon tongue beans
Patty pans
Wild blueberries
Ready-made: July’s delightful summer berries will be used in pastries

Heirloom Tomatoes
Ready-made: hearty corn soup, cornbread biscuit and succotash salad

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