A preview of Caplansky’s new menu

A preview of Caplansky’s new menu

The classic: Caplansky's smoked meat sandwich isn't going anywhere (Image: Matthew Fox)

Eating one’s way through the short menu at Caplansky’s Delicatessen takes only a few visits—for now. Soon, the College Street institution will expand its meal options as owner Zane Caplansky is hard at work on a new menu. In his blog, the famed deli guru says that the selection is currently “dead simple” and that customers can expect a new maple dipped fried chicken, as well as the gluttonous-sounding Leaning Tower of Caplansky: three pieces of challah stacked with blueberry jam, cream cheese and beef bacon, topped with maple syrup.

Also in the works are tribute dishes to deli’s favorite customers, like The Geddy (verscht and eggs with lox, just like the Rush frontman likes it), and at least one dedicated to the restaurateur himself—the What Zane Eats comes with grilled verscht and chopped liver with onions and honey mustard.

That’s the extent to which Caplansky is dishing on his dishes. As for us, we wouldn’t mind seeing some blintzes, gefilte fish or even some entrée-sized latkes as a mitzvah to vegetarians.

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