2,000 chefs weigh in on the top restaurant trend of 2010

2,000 chefs weigh in on the top restaurant trend of 2010

High times: a rooftop garden in Toronto (Image: Steven Harris)

Toronto is not always on the ball when it comes to eating and drinking trends (we’ve only just climbed on the speakeasy bandwagon), but we seem to be ahead of the game on the latest one to make—or rather, re-make—the news. According to a survey of 2,000 chefs by the National Restaurant Association, gardens are the hottest restaurant trend of 2010.

Restaurants like Vertical and Epic have well-known rooftop gardens, where they produce tomatoes, eggplants, Swiss chard and even honey from beehives. New ventures like Parts and Labour and Beast have continued the trend. The gardens are great because of the freshness, but also for the cost-cutting effectiveness of growing food in what would otherwise be unused space. With strong organic and locavore movements and a city hall that’s actively promoting green roofs, Toronto seems to be a perfect city for a restaurant culture that makes good use of gardens.

Well, besides the long winters. And the raccoons.

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