101 summer salad recipes, Japanese screaming contest, drugs in restaurant kitchens

101 summer salad recipes, Japanese screaming contest, drugs in restaurant kitchens

Extraordinary tossers: The New York Times offers 101 different salads (Photo by Jeff Kubina)

• Allegedly, it’s summer in Toronto, and that means the time is ripe for light, fun recipes. First up, 101 simple salads courtesy of the New York Times: vegan salads, green salads, seafood salads, melon salads and even a gourmet hot dog salad—the perfect combination of two quintessentially summer foods. [New York Times]

• Speaking of summer food, the Globe is profiling a fresh, deconstructed B.L.T. for the warm months. Montreal chef Normand Laprise offers his step-by-step guide through the preparation of this bizarre rendition of a diner classic. [Globe and Mail]

• The war on sodium continues with a new study from the World Action on Salt and Health that indicates how salt content in fast and packaged foods varies wildly from country to country. Turns out, Canada is one of the saltiest nations on Earth. [Canada.com]

Burger King Japan is taking aggressive action to end McDonald’s stranglehold on the country’s fast food market. The fries-with-that monarch has launched its new “Angry Whopper” along with a promotional campaign that involves individuals screaming their greatest frustrations at the those on Tokyo streets. [New York Daily News]

• The rock-star excess of celebrity chefs is not responsible for drug usage in the world’s top kitchens, says chef and food writer James Sheehan. He writes that drugs have always had a place in eating culture, because food lovers are hedonists at heart—though the long hours and intensity of restaurant work definitely can’t help matters. [Daily Beast]