The best takeout pairings with 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon

The best takeout pairings with 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon

What do you eat with bourbon barrel-aged wine? These meals from local restaurants pair perfectly

Experience the unexpected with 1000 Stories, the pioneering brand that is shaking up the industry with its innovative bourbon barrel–aged wines. From the first sip of 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon, you’ll be tantalized by the bold and complex flavours of this ultimate wine for the discerning palate.

Beyond traditional

While quality winemakers take great care selecting grapes, as well as perfecting the terroir and the fermentation process, 1000 Stories goes a step further, aging batches in wooden barrels that were once home to fine Kentucky bourbons.

This unique approach dates back to 2014, when founder Bob Blue made his first vintage of 1000 Stories wine with used oak barrels traditionally made and reserved for whiskey. These charred barrels are responsible for the prized notes of vanilla, tobacco and dried herbs that distinguish 1000 Stories wines from others that are traditionally aged in American or French oak.

Blue’s celebrated successor, Sebastian Donoso, is ushering in a new era for the winery. The Chile native is responsible for crafting luxury wines at Bonterra Organic Estates, 1000 Stories’ parent company, and supports its regenerative winemaking operations.

Donoso works hand in hand with the coopers, selecting used bourbon barrels with specific aromas and flavour characteristics that respect the premium fruit in the blends. Besides having depth in flavour and a velvety mouthfeel, these bourbon barrel–aged wines are earthy, with hints of coconut oil and spice.

Exceptional offerings

The newest addition to the distinguished lineup of wines is 1000 Stories Prospectors’ Proof Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon.

Full-flavoured and bold, this Cab Sauv is made using premium fruit, including a touch of Malbec and Petit Verdot—grapes sourced from prime sites along California’s coast. With delightful notes of cherry and currants swimming among hints of prune and blueberry, it boasts an adventurous and complex flavour complemented by captivating aromas of caramel, toffee, tobacco and herbs.

Perfect pairings

Donoso says the blend is best served at room temperature, on its own or with a meal. Whether you’re enjoying a cast-iron rib-eye steak with roasted vegetables, a wildly aromatic provincial beef stew, gossamer-braised short ribs with silky caramelized onions, or a few extra-old cheddar and Gouda cheeses, you’ll savour the pairing.

Pick up a bottle of 1000 Stories Prospectors’ Proof Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon at the LCBO, then enjoy it with takeout or delivery from one of Toronto’s top restaurants. See how bourbon barrel–aged wines can elevate your culinary experience one sip, and bite, at a time.

Restaurant: Richmond Station
Dish: Stn. burger
This crowd-pleasing burger tops a homemade organic and grass-fed beef patty with garlic aioli, beet chutney, pickled onions, aged cheddar and crisp iceberg lettuce. It’s a juicy match—sweet condiments complement the wine’s exquisite vanilla and toffee notes. Tip: Try the rosemary fries, which echo the savoury dried-herb accents in the vino.

Restaurant: Stock Bar
Dish: 14-oz. aged rib-eye
Steak lovers, look no further than the elegant collaboration between Terroni and Cumbrae’s, whose menu features an aged rib-eye cooked on a cast-iron plancha. The dry wine’s tannins pair well with the flavourful and tender-aged beef and help balance the meat’s richness.

Restaurant: Stout Irish Pub
Dish: Murphy’s beef stew
Given the heartiness of this stout-simmered stew—tender chunks of beef with inherently sweet carrots, onion, leeks, celery and baby potatoes—it only makes sense to indulge in an equally bold wine rich in ripe dark fruit to enhance the flavours.

Restaurant: R&D
Dish: French onion spring roll
Filled with beef short rib, caramelized onions and Emmental mornay cheese sauce, this punchy finger food is plucked from the collaborative menu between MasterChef Canada winner Eric Chong and judge Alvin Leung. The bourbon barrel–aged wine’s intense flavours and balanced acidity stand up well against these compact flavour bombs.

Restaurant: Kiin
Dish: Gaeng Boombai nua | Boombai short rib
The aromatics of 1000 Stories Prospectors’ Proof Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon intensify the multi-faceted flavours in this slow-braised boneless AAA beef short rib. Smothered in a tamarind and homemade curry sauce, it’s topped with cucumber, pearl onions and a drizzle of coconut milk. Tip: Alternate bites with the accompanying flaky roti and sips of the full-bodied red.