Toronto Life kicks off TIFF 2017 with its annual Best Dressed event 

Toronto Life kicks off TIFF 2017 with its annual Best Dressed event 

On September 7, Toronto Life celebrated the release of the seventh-annual fall Stylebook and its yearly list of best-dressed people in the city. The exclusive, invite-only event was held at Brassaii and showcased the best in red-carpet style on the opening night of TIFF. The celebration brought out luminaries such as Stacey McKenzie, Febe Dobson, Tyrone Edwards, Tracy Moore, Devon Soltendieck, Cheryl Hickey, Sangita Patel, Katie Boland, Yannick Bisson, Ken Hunt, Sarah Fulford and Tony and Lina Gagliano.

The guests of honour—Toronto Life’s Best Dressed of 2017—arrived in style. These included Clairmont Humphrey, Bismark Adomako, Kayla Seah, Matt Barnes, Shelley Hayes, Justin Broadbent, Meg Bolohan, Maria Qamar and Roxy Earle, among others.

The stylish crowd indulged in an exclusive menu from Brassaii, including delicious charcuterie and cheese, lobster fritters with lemon aïoli, sesame-crusted seared tuna and steak tartare. At an oyster station, oysters were paired with Cono Sur sparkling wine. Highlights of the evening included Estée Lauder‘s custom PartyPix infinity photo booth, where attendees could commemorate the evening.

The “walk-in closet” by LG Styler was also a huge hit. On the patio, Hennessy’s cocktail lounge offered guests the chance to enjoy premium Hennessey X.O. Other drinks included Masi Campofiorin IGT and Masianco Pinot Grigio & Verduzzo, martinis by Sipsmith, beer provided by Peroni and FIJI Water.

Brassaii was decked out with cheeky Best Dressed decals and Toronto Life’s striking Stylebook cover. The evening ended with dancing and special gift bags that included gorgeous UNIQLO scarves from the brand’s newest collection.

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