Toronto Life celebrates the most influential Torontonians of 2016 at an exclusive cocktail reception

Toronto Life celebrates the most influential Torontonians of 2016 at an exclusive cocktail reception

On November 24, Toronto Life celebrated the release of its annual list of the 50 Most Influential Torontonians, as revealed in the December issue (on newsstands now). The exclusive, invite-only event was held at The Omni King Edward Hotel and showcased the best in red-carpet style. Publisher Ken Hunt and editor Sarah Fulford welcomed an exclusive crowd of 500 notables.


The guests of honour—Toronto Life’s Most Influential people of 2016—arrived in style. These included John Tory, Cameron Bailey, John Ruffolo, Maureen Taylor, Tracey Cook, Michael Katchen, Kevin O’Leary, Piers Handling, Katie Telford, Sam Mizrahi, Matt Galloway, Ratna Omidvar and Mark Shapiro, among others.

The sophisticated crowd indulged in an exclusive menu of hors d’oeuvres and food stations from The Omni King Edward Hotel.



Guests loved the Pommies bar, where they could taste a special signature cocktail. The Glenfiddich custom bar, which featured tour guides who outlined the history of the Glenfiddich, was also a huge hit in Palm Court.


Taking over the space in Pall Mall, Belvedere hosted guests in an upscale cocktail lounge, complete with DJ entertainment.



Guests sipped on wine from Jackson-Triggs, beer from Amsterdam Brewing Co. and bubbles from Cuvee Catharine Sparkling Brut.



Highlights of the evening included the stunning Genesis lounge, featuring brand ambassadors introducing guests to the brand new 2017 G90 car. A selection of guests rode in style to and from the event in chauffeured cars from Genesis.

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Greybrook Realty Partners provided a custom virtual reality experience, which was a favourite of the evening.



The welcome cocktail by Armani Code was a special touch, and the brand’s custom photobooth—where guests had the chance to appear on the cover of Toronto Life alongside a bottle of Armani Code, their newest fragrance—was a huge social media hit.



The Vanity Fair ballroom was elegantly decked out with Most Influential decals and Toronto Life‘s striking December cover featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The star of the evening was a 3-D cover of the special December issue, featuring a photo of the PM.



Remarks from Ken Hunt and Sarah Fulford were a special moment in the evening. They paid tribute to this year’s listmakers for their success in making Toronto one of the most-watched cities in the world.



The evening ended with special gift bags, containing items such as Lindt Canada chocolate and a gorgeous UNIQLO cashmere scarf from the brand’s newest collection.



Check out #MOSTINFLUENTIAL on Twitter and Instagram and re-watch the Facebook Live stream from the event: PART 1 and PART 2 .

See all the photos from the event, taken by George Pimentel Photography, below:

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_RSL9315 _RSL9320ED9_3694
_RSL9343 _RSL9348 _RSL9360 _RSL9367ED9_3850
_RSL9442-Pano _RSL9472 _RSL9504 _RSL9513
_RSL9537 _RSL9542 _RSL9553 _RSL9562GPM_0202
_RSL9612 _RSL9621 ED9_3440 ED9_3478GPM_0235
ED9_3542 ED9_3567 ED9_3636
ED9_3647 ED9_3659 ED9_3663
ED9_3679 ED9_3681
ED9_3704 ED9_3714 ED9_3719 ED9_3726 ED9_3732 ED9_3738 ED9_3740 ED9_3742 ED9_3748 ED9_3761 ED9_3774
ED9_3796 ED9_3799
ED9_3811 ED9_3814 ED9_3823 ED9_3831
ED9_3911 ED9_3916 ED9_3921 ED9_3927 ED9_3936 ED9_3942 ED9_3945 ED9_3950 ED9_3952 ED9_3955 ED9_3966 ED9_3972 ED9_3977 ED9_3990
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ED9_4032 ED9_4035 ED9_4043 ED9_4046 ED9_4050 ED9_4060 ED9_4066 ED9_4069
ED9_4146 ED9_4163 ED9_4182
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GPM_0246 GPM_0272 GPM_9578 GPM_9706 GPM_9718 GPM_9723 GPM_9731 GPM_9733
GPM_9806 GPM_9827
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