Yorkville, where not everybody knows Woody Harrelson’s name

Yorkville, where not everybody knows Woody Harrelson’s name

Hmm...we thought Woody Allen was older

When we caught a partial glimpse of a blond guy amid a bunch of flashing cameras on Saturday night, we thought we knew which celebrity was being tapped for autographs on Cumberland, but couldn’t be sure. Turning to the pair of models handing out Hudson Jeans ads nearby, who being six feet tall had a clear sightline of the figure in question, we tried to get confirmation:

TIFF.TO: “Who is that?”
MODELS: “Um, Woody Allen? People were saying Woody.”

TIFF.TO:“Oh, Woody Harrelson!
MODELS: “Who is that?”

TIFF.TO:“He was in Cheers.”
MODELS: Is that old?

TIFF.TO:“Uh, kind of.”

Our mistake—we should have said The Thin Red Line (models are always better acquainted with war epics than sitcoms). Anyway, after thanking them for their assistance we turned around to discover that poor Harrelson was literally pinned in the centre of a vortex of fans. He bolted left but couldn’t move more than a few feet, then tried to push forward, until finally ducking under a few arms and breaking into a sprint West on Cumberland. With that, he disappeared into the night.

Then we heard a woman tell her husband: “It was him! It was Woody Harrison!”