Willem Dafoe, blueberry cocktails and Salt ’n’ Pepa at W Studio

Not being on the guest list, we were a touch worried that we wouldn’t get in to the W Studio party, so we arrived early. Far too early. We were forced to stand around and watch the crew get ready for the evening to come. Nothing gets one ready for a night of partying like listening to sound checks and waiting for bar service to open. But it was worth the wait.

As soon as “Shoop” played early in the evening, we knew it would be a good party. The city’s most beautiful showed up, as did Willem Dafoe, who’s in town promoting Lars von Trier’s Antichrist (watch the trailer above), though we didn’t get a good glimpse of him.

The women only wore the sky highest heels and the tiniest of dresses. The men ran the gamut—some were decked out in their skinny ties and skinnier jeans while others still had their lanyards and backpacks from earlier in the day.

Blueberry cocktails were the tipple of the evening, served by girls in Stolichnaya minidresses. (Apparently, Skyy isn’t the only vodka game in town.) Once “Too Close” by Next came on, the dance party picked up in full force (perhaps aided by a blueberry cocktail or two), and we decided it was high time we stopped writing and started enjoying the evening. We did.


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