How Twitter reacted to the Tragically Hip’s farewell show

How Twitter reacted to the Tragically Hip's farewell show
Gord Downie. Photo by Adam Scotti/Twitter

Gord Downie writes lyrics that often seem best suited to hockey locker rooms, but his songs reached far beyond the rink on Saturday, thanks to the CBC’s decision to air the Hip’s Kingston farewell show. Here’s how Twitter dealt with all the complicated emotions stirred up by watching the terminally ill Downie perform for what will likely be the last time.

We were, for an evening, a nation distracted:
Fans considered Downie’s legacy...
…his clothing,
…his manic, swaggering stage presence,
…and his timely lyrics.
Others plugged the CBC:
For some, the concert was a reminder of the magic of live television:
Some fans celebrated from overseas:
Justin Trudeau’s team made it abundantly clear that, like you, humble voter, your PM is a Hip fan:
There were restrictions on photo-taking, so many shots came from the PM’s official photographer, who captured his boss in fully authentic rock concert regalia:
Downie’s stage banter touched on the crisis in Canada’s north and his faith in Prime Minister Jean Jacket Trudeau:
Love for the band came from some unlikely corners of Twitter:
The lengthy set left some amazed by Downie’s stamina:
And after three encores, the band said goodbye:


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