Toronto’s east vs. west debate fuelled by iPad-toting Star reporter

Toronto’s east vs. west debate fuelled by iPad-toting Star reporter

So excited he must be an east-ender (Image: Sam Pullara)

For those who believe the hype, the iPad is capable of doing just about anything. Well, it can’t make phone calls, but apparently it can perpetuate Toronto’s east-west stereotypes like nobody’s business.

As if the iPad needed more publicity, the Star casually took one into various cafés throughout the city just to see what would happen (for the record, the Globe’s Amy Verner did this weeks ago). Patron reactions to the much-coveted device were nearly comical in their predictability: with few exceptions, east-enders acted as if the Messiah had returned (or finally arrived, to be PC about it), while west-enders sipped their lattes with studied indifference.

Various media organizations (including ourselves) have tried, with little success, to determine which end of the city is cooler, but the iPad managed to elicit this telling quote:

“I’ve never been this excited about a piece of technology,” one east-ender told the Star. “I’ve only seen it on Oprah so far.”

Please. A west-ender would never outwardly display enthusiasm, let alone admit to watching Oprah. While it’s nice to have the east-west debate nudged forward one step, we would prefer the Star to conduct real investigations, into such matters as who is or is not hanging out with busty hookers.

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