Toronto cult film favourite is the world’s worst movie

Here’s a new way to spend Friday night: watching the worst movie of all time. Leave it to Toronto to embrace a film lambasted by audiences for its horrendous acting, atrocious camera work and laughably awful script. The Room, starring and directed by Tommy Wiseau, has played monthly at the Royal Cinema since July 2009 (it shows tonight at 11:30) and is poised to become the new Rocky Horror Picture Show. The story is essentially a love triangle between a rich banker, his fiancée and his more attractive pauper best friend, but cheap pornos have more sophisticated, or at least sensible, plots than this movie.

The Royal has sold out about half of their screenings; people often line up an hour ahead of time to secure tickets and viewings inevitably turn into a gong show of mockery. It’s no wonder, The Room makes Razzie nominees look like they belong at the Academy Awards. Wiseau, who forked out almost $5 million of the astonishing $6 million budget, submitted the film for an Oscar, but alas, the film didn’t receive a nomination. “I’ll be honest with you, I was very disappointed,” he told the Star. “But it is what it is. Maybe someday, somebody recognize something. I’m not here for recognition. I have fans, and I’m happy with that.” Wiseau’s currently working on a new project, The House That Drips Blood on Alex.

Worst movie in the world takes Toronto by storm [Toronto Star]


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