TIFF PARTY: Keira Knightley, Kristen Wiig’s errant eyelashes and a hot Jude Law at Soho House

TIFF PARTY: Keira Knightley, Kristen Wiig’s errant eyelashes and a hot Jude Law at Soho House

TIFF PARTY: Soho House (Day Two)

Last night Soho House, the hottest party spot in town, hosted events for three movies (Imogene, The Master and Anna Karenina) and had a late-night party lounge, which meant the star count was off the charts. In attendance, at one point or another: Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Kristen Wiig, Michael Pitt, Natasha Lyonne, Darren Criss, Trudie Styler, Paul Haggis, Amy Adams, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Harvey Weinstein, Rupert Grint, Skrillex and Nina Dobrev. A collection of dispatches from night two—from our Soho House bureau chief Courtney Shea.

Lashgate: The Kristen Wiig Story
Wiig had a near cosmetic catastrophe when her false eyelash glue got goopy (as in gunky, not as in Gwyneth Paltrow–esque). Luckily, she had her co-star and gal pal Lyonne to lean on during this trying affair. Post-Lashgate, the ladies discussed movies, fashion and a mutual admiration of Michael Shannon.

No (Jude Law) pictures, please
Law politely declined when a sidewalk photographer asked if she could snap a shot of the Anna Karenina co-star. Frankly, we’re not sure why—the man, who appeared to be loving the Grey Goose “Le Fizz” cocktail as much as we do, looked better than he has in ages (almost Mr. Ripley–era hot, and his current hairline is Benjamin Button impressive, if you know what we mean).

You just can’t help but look at Keira Knightley
Knightley hung in a back corner for most of the night chatting with her co-stars and looking as if she was carved out of a six-foot soapstone. A lot of stars don’t look as special in person as they do on the screen—but KK brings luminous to whole new levels. #jealous

Cutest Couple Award: Round Two
In contention with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski for the cutest couple award are Aaron Taylor-Johnson (in town for Anna Karenina) and his wife Sam Taylor-Wood—he took part of her name when they married this summer. The Esquire cover boy was adorably attentive to his wife while they chatted with honcho of all honchos Weinstein in the centre of the room.

Tall Drink of Water Award
Our winner: Michael Pitt (Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire or Henry from Dawson’s Creek, depending on your taste and vintage). Outside, Pitt gave a friend an impromptu boxing lesson. He looked pretty gosh darn good doing it.