The annual list of celeb-inspired TIFF cocktails is out (with nary a Canadian to be seen)

The annual list of celeb-inspired TIFF cocktails is out (with nary a Canadian to be seen)

The Skyy Wilde Ginger, Skyy Lively Temptress and Skyy Feelin’ Fiennes

Two weeks away from the start of the Toronto International Film Festival, official sponsor Skyy Vodka kicked things off with its annual pre-festival fête, this year at an appropriately swanky Forest Hill home, to reveal their celebrity-themed cocktails. In previous years, the cocktails have honoured Canadians like Ellen Page and Jay Baruchel but, sadly, this time around north-of-the-49th celebs like Sarah Polley and Ryan Gossling didn’t make the drink list. Here are a few drinks to sip on while scoping out the festival scene or drowning your nationalistic sorrow.

The Skyy Wilde Ginger, named for stunning starlet Olivia Wilde (in town for Butter), features lemonade and cranberry juice spiked with Skyy Infusions ginger vodka and a hint of honey. It’s like the cosmo’s spicier, more sophisticated sister.

• After a few sips of The Skyy Lively Temptress, let’s hope things get more exciting than the performance Blake Lively (Hick) turns out on Gossip Girl. Pineapple juice spiked with vodka is punched up with ginger ale and a spring of fresh mint that will have a seductive sipper spotted in no time.

• In years past, Ralph Fiennes (Coriolanus) has been seen at the Park Hyatt Roof Lounge with Harvey Weinstein, and maybe this year we’ll catch them sharing a Skyy Feelin’ Fiennes. The simple and refreshing drink of vodka, sparkling grapefruit juice and fresh cucumber will likely be closest thing to a fruit or vegetable many festival party-goers will consume during TIFF.

(Images: cocktails, Skyy Vodka; Wilde, Gage Skidmore; Lively, Hick; Fiennes, Marie-Lan Nguyen)