TIFF PARTY: Alexander Skarsgård loves ’em and leaves ’em at the after-party for What Maisie Knew

TIFF PARTY: Alexander Skarsgård loves ’em and leaves ’em at the after-party for What Maisie Knew
Julianne Moore, Alison Mosshart and Alexander Skarsgård (Image: Lu Chau/Photoganist)

Last night, as Alexander Skarsgård arrived at the post-premiere reception for What Maisie Knew—to shrieks from a pack of celeb-stalking young ladies—the crammed room inside AMC Storys underwent a moment of euphoria. The True Blood star effortlessly criss-crossed the space, shaking hands and posing for cell snaps. Necks craned to catch glimpses of his beguiling smile (damn, those teeth are white) and people could be overheard saying, “He’s so handsome!” (okay, fine, that was us). His co-star Julianne Moore, in a sexy Alexander McQueen LBD, was more reserved, sticking to a back corner with a small group of guests. The buzz, however, fuelled by a mix of hamachi-topped mini pizzas and Grolsch, was so loud it was nearly impossible to chat, or to hear the music, deejayed by Alison Mosshart of The Kills (we think we caught snips of Amy Winehouse and Adele, but it’s hard to say). Yet, before we could Google how to say biceps in Swedish, Skarsgård and Moore, soon followed by the crowd, made an exit. We’re still not sure why, since the Munge Lunge–designed room (all raw bricks and hefty beams) had everything a celebrity would need to keep going for hours, if not days: a cellphone charging station, a photo booth (with a small pile of unsightly rejects on a table outside) and a stocked jelly bean dispenser.


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