TIFF 2011 Roundup: How to be Don Draper (er, Jon Hamm)

TIFF 2011 Roundup: How to be Don Draper (er, Jon Hamm)

Jon Hamm at the George Stroumboulopoulos Hazel Hotel Takevoer party (Image: JJ Thompson)

One of the many A-list celebrities to grace Toronto’s streets last week for TIFF 2011 was none other than Jon Hamm himself—or as he’s perhaps better known, Don Draper, the enigmatic ad executive he plays on the television show Mad Men. Hamm was a class act throughout TIFF: he took in Toronto sights, went to all the right parties and, of course, looked devastatingly handsome while doing it. Based on Hamm’s short but sweet stay in the Big Smoke, we’ve distilled four rules on how to be a gentlemen—Mad Men style—whilst in Toronto, after the jump.

Rule 1: Make the ladies swoon in everyday life
No doubt, Don Draper is a ladies man; and apparently, Hamm is no different. When he went for a stroll through Yorkville heads turned (gossip queen Lainey’s sure did, anyway).

Rule 2: Dress as a gentleman should (which involves a pocket square)
Classic cut suits, slicked back hair, fedoras—Don Draper is nothing if not stylish. His couture sensibilities seemed to have rubbed off on Hamm, who dressed to impress at all the TIFF events he attended. At George Stroumboulopoulos’ Hazelton Hotel Takeover party he sported a gingham shirt and a perfectly paired pocket square. He also offered Strombo a strong two-handed handshake. Take note, gents.

Rule 3: Hobnob with the rich and (equally) famous
While Mad Men deals with a variety of themes and issues, it certainly presents a rather glamorous image of the advertising world in the 1960s, one characterized by dashing, hard-drinking, chain-smoking executive-types like Draper. Hamm may not share Draper’s vices or character flaws, but he’s certainly got the glamour thing down pat. Hamm cavorted with other A-listers (there were a lot of them) at David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method after-party at Grey Goose SoHo House. Apparently, he chatted with Justin Long and Scott Porter while hanging with girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. Also in attendance? Bono, George Clooney, Keira Knightley, Ryan Gosling, Evan Rachel Wood, Ewan McGregor and Kirsten Dunst, just to name a few.

Rule 4: Sip your cocktail at a real life speakeasy
It’s almost too fitting that Hamm attended the private after-party for The Oranges with Westfeldt at Goodnight during TIFF. The back-alley, reservations only, speakeasy offers classic old-fashioned cocktails for sipping in its wood-paneled, windowless room. We imagine other attendees did a double take as Hamm slipped past them at the party. “Was that just Don Draper?”