The Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 4

The Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 4

This week, Erica learns a lesson about living in the present by reliving the same 2010 morning over and over and over again. She also finds out she’s going to die (maybe), gets stinking day-drunk (definitely) and makes out with Kai a little bit (swoon). This is all very interesting, but going back by a couple of hours doesn’t offer much in the way of time copping. (Though, for the record, if we had to live the same day on repeat, we wouldn’t want to do it in that shirt.)

In a mind-bending nutshell: Kai returns to a morning in present day. He’s back to address one of his own regrets but stops by Erica’s Palmerston pad to tell her that during another time-travelling episode (which has happened in his past, but her future), he finds Erica and they sleep together. Woot! He then returns to his present (2019), but he can’t get Lady Strange out of his head, so he tries to track down 42-year-old Erica, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Kai also reveals that a major disaster befalls Toronto in 2019 and that a lot of people die. Including—maybe—Erica. So what is to become of our fair heroine (never mind our fair city)?

Maybe Erica and Julianne’s publishing house goes belly up, which means no more snazzy magenta sports car. The pair is forced to suffer the TTC and happen to be riding the rocket when an unknown terrorist unleashes chemical warfare in the subway tunnels.

Or perhaps Erica and Ethan have reunited. They have kids; meanwhile, Erica’s business has exploded, allowing her to buy the entire Palmerston apartment complex for her growing family. All is hunky dory until an earthquake strikes—turns out those Annex houses aren’t as sturdy as they look.

One last guess: Erica is not dead; she just faked her own death because she couldn’t handle it when her sister reconciled with Josh. In 2019, she is living a quiet life in Mexico and finally has time to finish those short stories. Turns out Julianne was right—they are pretty crappy.

Back to time copping next week, and based on the preview (Erica dressed as a trampy Elvira type), we’ve got high hopes.

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