The Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 13

The Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 13

We’re not sure what to say. On one hand, we FINALLY have some half-decent time-copping to do. One the other, didn’t last week end’s episode with a pretty serious cliff hanger? And weren’t we/aren’t we all left dying to know who that mysterious glove-wearing hand belonged to? Last week did kind of feel like a finale though, so we guess this week (the actual finale) was just one more kick at the Christmas can.

Because really, it’s not a true TV show until it’s done the all important Christmas-Carol-inspired episode. And speaking of carols, WTF was up with 34-year-old Erica not knowing the tune to “Silent Night”? She’s Jewish, not deaf. That and other BS alerts below.

Time trip 1: Erica goes back in time and finds herself in the body of an eight-year-old Julianne on Christmas morning in what we’re calculating is 1984.

• Julianne’s angsty older sister Georgie wears all black in the family photos and talks about how Christmas is part of a giant consumerist culture. She also reads Chomsky. (+4)

• Julianne’s dad gets a Planet Hollywood Toronto jacket, but the actual Planet Hollywood Toronto didn’t open until 12 years later. (How the cheesy chain lasted for 10 years is beyond us). (-6)

• We’re going to make a bold statement here and say that Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish, the idea that Erica Strange would not know the tune to “Silent Night,” one of the most famous songs ever composed, is preposterous. (-4)

• Lattes!!?? In 1984. Doesn’t quite ring true if you ask us, chickens. We’d be willing to let this one slide due Julianne’s family’s Italian-ness, but who the hell serves a latte to an eight-year-old anyway? (-2)

Time trip 2: Erica comes back as her 11-year-old self in 1987.

• When Mama Strange gives Sam $10 to go get her picture taken with Santa, it’s an old bill. (+4)

• Sam has a crush on George Michael? We don’t think so. Sure, he’s era appropriate, but if Erica is 11, then Sam is, what, eight? Kirk Cameron would have been a better choice. (-1) Along the same lines, we get that Leo’s cool and all, but is he really old enough to be listening to The Smiths? (-1)

Time trip 3: Erica returns to Christmas 2009 to find Adam drinking alone at a bar.

• It’s December at an Irish pub. If “Fairytale of New York” wasn’t playing we’d be concerned. (+10…it’s the holidays, so we’re feeling charitable)

• So that just about wraps up another season of highs, lows, ridiculous car commercials and time travel trauma. We’ll have to wait until season 4 to find out who Erica’s new patient is, but before we go, one more question: why was everyone at the 50/50 holiday bash referring to the drink as “rum and eggnog.” Unless you’re at an AA meeting of a kiddie party, isn’t it just called eggnog? (-2)

Final score: +2