Six reasons to brave the crowds at Nuit Blanche this year

Six reasons to brave the crowds at Nuit Blanche this year

Daan Roosegaarde's Dune installation in London (Image: Jennifer Boyer)

Earlier this year, Nuit Blanche announced that it was restructuring the zones along the Yonge-University subway line so more time can be spent enjoying the 133 projects rather than frantically trying to get to them. And the lineup released yesterday includes some must-see exhibits at the “all-night contemporary art thing.” Here, a highly abbreviated roundup of some wicked events to check out.

1. Toronto artist Mark Laliberté’s False Kraftwerk uses puppet-like figures to recreate a performance by German electronic rockers Kraftwerk.

2. Davide Balula tests performance artists’ patience and self-control in The Endless Pace by having 60 dancers represent the face of a clock for over 12 hours.

3. Rock of Ages meets Wagnerian opera in Dave Dymet’s Day for Night, a rock musical slowed down and performed by a live string quartet over 12 hours.

4. An iconic 1968 performance at the Ryerson Theatre, where chess matches between Teeny and Marcel Duchamp and John Cage determined the room’s music selection, is revisited in Reunion.

5. In Lower Bay station, Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde erects Dune, one of his most famous installations, in which light reacts to the presence of visitors.

6. Nathan Phillips Square is transformed into a mystical fusion of music and multimedia produced by award-winning Daniel Lanois in Later That Night at the Drive-In.

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