Rep for Toronto-based Shakers Studio advises customer to “leave planet earth now”

Rep for Toronto-based Shakers Studio advises customer to “leave planet earth now”

We’d like to take a moment to give thanks for all the grammatically challenged angry people out there with access to an Internet connection because, man, we love ourselves an outrageously inappropriate email. Yesterday, Jezebel reported a doozy, courtesy of Toronto-based Shakers Studio, which offers dance classes aimed towards weight loss.

The tale begins with an affronted would-be Shaker, who emailed the studio to complain about the company’s FAQ section. She quoted this offending portion:

Q: Is there a dress code to follow?

A: Yes dear there is. Male Shakers can wear whatever they like, however female Shakers are encouraged to wear very little, especially if they want to make sure that our male Shake Instructor® never miss a class – even if they are ill.”

See the reply (and, believe us, it is crazy) after the jump.

Incredibly, this was the response she received from a Shakers rep:


We are thankful to God to have become aware of who you are NOW before you enter our premises or come into contact with of our instructors and students. We doubt if you have a boyfriend/husband or children. If you do they need to run away from you immediately.

Only FAT and UGLY women with BEARD believe and write like you which all belong to the Women’s Lib. Are you the president or vice president there?

And I’m a female writing this.

A bit miffed (being told to leave the planet tends to have that effect), the customer sent the message along to Jezebel, who contacted Planet Shakers Studio founder Fareid Farhad. He said that the employee who sent the email—a telecommuter, since the company outsources its administrative tasks—had been fired and, ramping up the damage control, he added that all references to women would be removed from the website. No word on whether that includes women with beard.

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