Red Green returns with self-help book

It was a sad day for suspendered do-it-yourselfers when television character Red Green hung up his roll of duct tape for the last time four years ago. Thankfully, comic and The Red Green Show creator Steve Smith is as crafty with words as he is with DIY home renovations. He shares tips on both repairs and relationships in his new book, How to Do Everything: From the Man Who Should Know. And we know he’s a trustworthy source: remember the time he turned a TTC bus into a hot rod?

This cheeky tome comes 13 years after Smith’s first spinoff book, The Red Green Book: Wit and Wisdom of Possum Lodge, Plus 100 Pages of Filler. Now that everyone’s favourite non-ironic plaid-shirt wearer has had a few more years to reflect, he has some things to say that have nothing at all to do with duct tape. In addition to unorthodox reno tips, Smith’s new book offers marital advice, Red Green style.

And while the conspicuous near-absence of duct tape in the book may be alarming to diehard fans, it can be explained by Smith’s desire to avoid simply repeating in the book exactly what he did on the show. “This is fresh new territory.” Smith told the Toronto Sun, but he was quick to assure fans, “I haven’t moved on from duct tape. I never will.”

Red Green’s not just about duct tape [Toronto Sun] • Red Green Show - Old TTC Bus [YouTube]


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