Vancouver gets its own Real Housewives franchise—before Toronto

Vancouver gets its own Real Housewives franchise—before Toronto

Jenna Bitove and Suzanne Rogers (Image: Erin Simkin)

Dear Housewives of Toronto,

What happened? It wasn’t long ago that a casting director was calling Sharon Mimran and allegedly speaking with Suzanne Rogers and Stacey Kimmel. Last we heard, Jessica Mulroney was talking to producers, and despite the many women who declined offers, the show was still approaching the likes of Lisa Kellett and Karen von Hahn. And now, without a whisper of notice, we wake up to a press release for some show called the Real Housewives of Vancouver? What gives, Toronto? Surely Rogers, Kimmel (we picture her as the Ramona Singer of the group), Jenna Bitove and even Sylvia Mantella would make for a better show. Add the Mulroney name and we’ve got ourselves a winner. I mean, look at these Vancouver women. Come on. And don’t tell us that Toronto is above a Real Housewives show—because who wouldn’t want a homegrown version of Countess Luann, complete with a foray into singing? And who knows, maybe we’d get to see a little something of the dark underside of Toronto’s affluent? Let’s get our act together, ladies. This is embarrassing.


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