Pillars of the Earth recap: dirty, sexy clergy, episode 4

Pillars of the Earth recap: dirty, sexy clergy, episode 4

Pillars of the Earth, Episode 4—Battlefield (Image: Starz)

This week, we jump forward four years. A lot has happened both on the battlefield (King Stephen’s army has Princess Maude besieged in her castle) and at the cathedral site, where we’re starting to see some signs of greatness. But how have the years treated Tom Builder and company? Our analysis, below.

Aliena and Richard: The brother-sister duo have done very well for themselves since losing their titles, their father and all of their lucre. At the end of last week’s episode, they were haggling over a single bag of sheep’s wool. Now Richard is a knight (and a rather dashing knight at that), and Aliena is a big-time fleece merchant at the Shiring market. She says the men come from far and wide to buy her fleece, but we suspect they’ve got other reasons for making the trip. We can’t wait to watch the obvious love triangle developing between her, Jack and Alfred unfold.

Jack: Despite the smashed-up hand, he built his statue and impressed the king with his handiwork. We still think he seems dozy, but Aliena doesn’t seem to notice.

Alfred: Who didn’t cringe during that awkward moment when Alfred tries to cup Aliena’s hand and she pulls it away? Nice to know this type of humiliating “Dear YM” moment has been going on for centuries.

The Hamleigh family: Obviously a bad week for Lord Percy, given that his wife bled him to death in order to take his title for their son. And what about that mother-son kiss? You’re not seeing anything that scandalous on Skins (someone alert Denise Richards). This family is destined to dance with the Devil.

The Bishop Waleran: Once again, we will say that absolutely no one does evil like Ian McShane. The holy man is once again stirring up trouble wherever he goes. It looks like he has succeeded in cutting off the funding for Tom Builder’s cathedral, though we have faith (get it?) that the tide will turn.

Princess Maud: She’s stuck in her castle with a dwindling food supply, so things are not looking good for the rightful ruler of England. She, however, is looking fabulous. Are her costumes for real? Who knew medieval English monarchs were so stylish.

Tom Builder: His cathedral is well underway, and his witchy woman is back in town (we loved the telltale bum grab). So what if the evil bishop put his house of the holy on hold? All the more time for shagging in caves.