What people are saying about Drake’s surprise Degrassi cast reunion

What people are saying about Drake’s surprise Degrassi cast reunion

The video for Drake’s new track, “I’m Upset,” is a full-scale Degrassi reunion, with cameos from nearly all of his ex-castmates from his time on the show as Jimmy Brooks. As Drake no doubt intended, the surprise visit to Degrassi Community School stirred up a lot of feelings among his fanbase. Here’s what people are saying.

Jake Epstein, one of Drake’s ex-Degrassi castmates, tried to play nonchalant:

OG Degrassi fans only:

Drake says Ryan Cooley, who played JT on the show, thought the reunion was a scam:

There were many feelings:

So many feelings:

Some fans were impressed with the way Shane Kippel, who played Spinner, looks now:

General consensus seems to be that A.J. Saudin, who played Connor, turned into the best-looking adult:

He is an attractive man:

Some were happy to see a Jimmy-Hazel reunion:

But the most crowd-pleasing moment was when Drake’s OVO crew chased down Rick, the guy who shot Jimmy:

There were some gaping plot holes in the video, though. For one: did Jimmy find the cure for paraplegia?

For another:

And then there was the elephant in the room (or, the gymnasium?). Drake still hasn’t responded to Pusha-T’s epic diss track, in which Pusha accuses Drake of, among other things, being a deadbeat dad. Some fans weren’t ready to forgive: