Only at the Bollywood Oscars: Jermaine Jackson and Sonu Nigam team up for IIFA Rocks duet

Only at the Bollywood Oscars: Jermaine Jackson and Sonu Nigam team up for IIFA Rocks duet

Billed as a showcase of Indian and Canadian music and fashion and hosted by Bollywood stars Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar, this year’s edition of IIFA Rocks in Toronto looks like it’s going to be one of the most spectacular in the Bollywood festival’s 12-year history. Why? For starters, American performer Jermaine Jackson (yes, that Jermaine Jackson) is set to perform alongside Indian singer Sonu Nigam.

Nigam’s appearance makes sense: he is one of Bollywood’s biggest “playback” sensations, meaning that he is the voice behind the songs lip-synched by actors in Bollywood films (really, who could pull this off, singing all the while?). But Jermaine Jackson? Well, as it turns out, Friday’s IIFA Rocks show falls on the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and IIFA organizers reached out to big brother Jermaine to lend a hand in creating a tribute to the late King of Pop.

If rumours are true, the performance should be a doozy. Apparently, the two will be performing an original composition titled “This is It” (sound familiar?) in which Nigam will adopt a “western” vocal style in honour of the man that he credits as a major influence. Jackson is up to the task, too—ever since his little brother’s death, he’s been busy touring his new show, “40 Years of the Jacksons, J5 and My Brother Michael” (we’re not going to say he’s capitalizing on MJ’s passing, but if you want to see him perform the tribute live in Vegas, tickets are available).

Of course, there have been heaps of MJ tributes since his death (and in the strangest of places), but Jackson and Nigam will have their work cut out for them if they want to replicate the magic of this Bollywood gem.

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