New TV show celebrates street food across North America—except Toronto, of course

New TV show celebrates street food across North America—except Toronto, of course

It’s not exactly news that street food options in Toronto are limited (and the city’s disastrous Toronto a la Cart program sure didn’t help). As a result, we’re pretty jealous of tantalizing fare from the cities featured on Food Network Canada’s newest program, Eat St. The show celebrates North America’s most delicious street food, and while Toronto’s admittedly good street meat didn’t make the cut, various vendors from British Columbia make up the Canadian contingent (it might help that the show is produced by Vancouver’s Paperny Films).

Hosting the program is stand-up comedian James Cunningham, who travels to cities like San Francisco, New York City, Austin, Philadelphia and Vancouver. Some highlights:

  • the Redonkadonk from the Brunch Box in Portland, Oregon: a burger dressed with a fried egg, ham, turkey and bacon between two grilled cheese sandwiches. It sounds like something that would probably give us a stomach ache, but we’d keep eating it anyway.
  • Tacones from Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria: taco cones filled with deep-fried oysters, barbecued scallops and battered fish.
  • Vancouver’s Japadog: a hit during the Olympics, this chain of hot dog stands serves up sausages with Japanese toppings like wasabi, grated daikon and shreds of nori.

Viewers can eat along with the show via an Eat St. iPhone app (also available on-line) that allows vendors in cities across North America to create profiles for their food carts, as well as post menus, recipes, deals and regularly update their location. It’s enough to make a hungry Toronto diner cry.

Eat St. premieres April 6 at 9:30 on Food Network Canada