Masterchef Canada Recap, episode 12: “Holy Toledo, this is going to be insane”

Masterchef Canada Recap, episode 12: “Holy Toledo, this is going to be insane”

Masterchef Canada Episode 12

In this week’s commercial for Origin North episode, the final six contestants took on the ultimate test of chefhood: working in an actual restaurant kitchen. Here are three takeaways from episode twelve.

Lesson #1: Pride comes before an elimination
Neither team nailed the restaurant takeover, which started strong but then sort of devolved into a lot of uncoordinated sweating and cursing. But it was poor Pino who sealed his fate (and bolstered our elimination-prediction theory) by letting five little words fall out of his mouth: “This is the winning team.” As dictated by the well-established laws of the Masterchef Canada universe—i.e. a combination of cliché and heavy-handed foreshadowing—the comment didn’t bode well for the blue team. In the end, though, it all came down to one essential truth: the only thing worse than having a table walk out is being so inept that Claudio Aprile has to throw on his whites and fire up your venison steaks.

Lesson #2: Schadenfreude is the best
After weeks of listening to Eric claim to be terrible at dessert, only to magically fashion some heavenly confection or other, it was oddly satisfying to watch him present the judges with his messed-up box of doughnuts. A little humility never hurts (but too much is annoying).

Lesson #3: Taste > Visuals
Apparently, even Eric’s bacon-grease-shellacked pastries tasted better than Pino’s inconsistently sized offerings. (Best line: “Yes, chef, I wanted to have smaller and bigger doughnuts.” Nice try, scammer.) And after all that careful math!

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