The many faces of courtside Drake

The many faces of courtside Drake

When the Raptors come back to Toronto for Game Six (in The Six!) tomorrow, you can bet their Global Ambassador/hopelessly devoted super-fan Drake will be sitting—or standing, or providing free massages to upper management—courtside. Regardless of whether you find Drizzy’s cheerleader-on-roids routine amusing, it’s hard to look away. Here, we roundup Drake’s most memorable antics.


Clean-machine Drake

When Drizzy broke out a lint roller at a Raps vs. Nets game in 2014, he turned the previously under appreciated personal maintenance tool into the season’s must have accessory. Still, he’s playing it pretty low-key for a guy de-linting his pants in public.

Chic Drake

Sure, he’s not doing anything rowdy here. But for God’s sake, Drake—it’s a basketball game, not front row at New York Fashion Week. Leave the statement glasses (and Kanye West collection sweater) at home.

Daaaaaaaaad-dance Drake

After the huge success of his “Hotline Bling” music video (and a significant spike in turtleneck sales), Drake was spotted doing a toned-down, hands-only version of his signature dad dance moves at a Rockets vs. Clippers game in 2015. Embarrassing? Slightly. But at least it wasn’t on home turf.

Mom-dance Drake

Drake was on his best behaviour at 2015 Drake Night. It probably had something to do with his mom being in attendance.

Busted bartender Drake

The official Raptors Insta account posted a clip of Drake getting caught on the Jumbotron pouring himself a drink (caption: “When you get called to the principal’s office”). Number of GIFs created from this candid moment: hundreds of thousands. Value of Perrier product placement: priceless.

The Halftime hizzy-fit

The NBA brass got involved following Drake’s mid-game smackdown with Cleveland’s Kendrick Perkins during last year’s playoff season, issuing an official warning over foul language.

Lift-off Drake

Drake turned the tables on Philly’s Joel Embiid and trolled the 76ers centre by performing his signature airplane victory dance (and getting the crowd to join him) in a Breaker High sweatshirt.

Mean-girl Drake

Someone wasn’t holding back when Buck’s star player Giannis Antetokounmpo missed a Game 4 free throw. First, Drizzy erupted in a cartoonish bad-guy cackle, followed by a Tom Cruise-jumps-on-Oprah’s couch-style windmill dance. Seriously, Drake—show us how you really feel.

Drake the masseuse

Did Drake cross the line by massaging Raptor’s coach Nick Nurse during this week’s semifinals Game 4? Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer seems to think so, but maybe he’s just jealous that the Six God didn’t give his shoulders a good luck rub. The website Bravado is currently taking wagers on whether the handsy bromance will continue during Saturday night’s game.