K’naan the movie star? The musician sets down at the Sundance Film Festival

K’naan the movie star? The musician sets down at the Sundance Film Festival

K’naan (Image: Coca-Cola South Africa)

K’naan is the latest local talent hoping to join the ranks of the multi-disciplined celebrity. The Toronto singer has been wavin’ his flag all over the Sundance Film Festival this week. He’s there as one of a group of musicians interested in film invited to perform at the fest, and has been speaking to various media outlets about his desire to break into the movie biz, his love of Bollywood and, most importantly, the great Canadian music debate: Drake vs. Justin Bieber.

Of the film industry, K’naan says he isn’t sure what role he’d like to play—actor, director, producer? He grew up watching Indian song and dance movies and says he loves them “because they lack the cynicism of the intellect that affects a lot of films. You can really dream when you watch them.”

And speaking of dreaming, he calls the Sundance festival a “beautiful reality,” which sounds a lot nicer than the celebrity ass-kissing swag fest we keep hearing about. Maybe he’s just being diplomatic, as he was when an Etalk reporter asked him to compare Canada’s two biggest music stars. Rather than show any obvious favouritism, K’naan praised Drake for going where no local musician has gone before in terms of representing Canadian hip hop. As for Bieber, he compared the bubble gum boy wonder to Michael Jackson in terms of his ability to incite female hysteria.

Note: he did not compare the Biebs’ music-writing abilities to those of the King of Pop. K’naan may be upbeat, but he’s not insane.