Justin Bieber gets new hair, plus top five Canada moments at the Golden Globes

Justin Bieber gets new hair, plus top five Canada moments at the Golden Globes

Justin Bieber on the red carpet (Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty)

Moment 1: The kid is all right
He’s just growing up, that’s all. Justin Bieber presented an award sporting a brand new hairdo that’s choppier than his signature style. The snip is further evidence of Bieber’s move into manhood—the guy can’t stay 16 forever. Based on his slick three-piece suit and his command of come-hither eyes on the red carpet, we’d say the transition is running pretty smoothly. If nothing else, the new chop means hair professionals the world over should prepare for a rush of young customers requesting the Bieber 2.0.

Justin Bieber and Hailee Steinfeld onstage at the Golden Globes last night (Image: handout/NBC/Getty)

Moment 2: Bieber déjà vu
You thought we were going to devote only one moment to His Bieberness?
Not a chance. Remember last year’s Grammys, when the Biebs presented with Kesha and looked like the ant to her Tyrannosaurus rex? (Click here for a refresher.) Well, it happened again last night, this time with Hailee Steinfeld. The 14-year-old star of True Grit positively towered over her Stratfordian co-presenter. Memo to Bieber management: end this before it gets ugly. You don’t think Tom Cruise has rules about exactly what height of woman he’ll stand beside? (Katie Holmes has been wearing flats for years.)

Paul Giamatti at the TIFF premiere of Barney's Version (Image: Stefania Yarhi)

Moment 3: Canada gets a serious shout out
Awards season darling Paul Giamatti scooped up the best actor award, a major victory for Barney’s Version, which got snubbed in the best picture categories (we can only hope that Oscar takes a cue from Ricky Gervais’s snarky remarks and opts for Barney’s over celebrity shlockfest The Tourist). Either way, the win was a major boon for local producer Robert Lantos, who has been working on the screen adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s novel for 16 years. And speaking of boons, Giamatti made it clear how he felt about the great white north in his acceptance speech: “An incredible place in a great nation, Canada. I salute the great nation of Canada.” True, he was mostly talking about Montreal, but we’ll take what we can get.

Ryan Gosling at the Golden Globe Awards last night (Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment)

Moment 4: The Goz heats up
The temperature in L.A. yesterday was well into the 20s, but that didn’t stop Ryan Gosling from smouldering in a velvet tux by Ferragamo. True, the wintery fabric is a bit of an odd choice, but he looked spectacular (we are fans of the full-volume bow tie rather than those dinky ones that seem to be making a comeback). And—as anyone who saw Gosling on Ellen wearing a one-piece pyjama Snuggie while riding an exercise bike knows—this guy can handle the heat. He lost out on the best actor award to Mister Darcy Colin Firth but proved how great a thesp he is by remaining calm when his Blue Valentine co-star Michelle Williams showed up wearing this.

Colin Firth at the TIFF premiere of The King’s Speech on September 10 (Image: Stefania Yarhi)

Moment 5: A victory made at TIFF
It wasn’t quite a Slumdog moment, given that The Social Network triumphed over The King’s Speech in the best picture (drama) category. Still, we couldn’t help but take a little credit when Colin Firth won the best actor award. The movie was embraced by Toronto audiences and even won the People’s Choice Award for the entire festival. Plus, this very Web site crowned Firth TIFF’s top fox over 50.