In lieu of Megan Fox, a rock star shows up at Cheval

In lieu of Megan Fox, a rock star shows up at Cheval

Pope gets the eTalk treatment

Megan Fox’s expected arrival at Cheval last night was kept on the down low, as eTalk was the only other reporting team at the King Street bar.

The actress was to make a quick appearance before the midnight premiere of Jennifer’s Body at the Ryerson Theatre, but at 10 p.m. (after two hours of waiting), she was officially a no-show. Instead, we ran into ’80s new wave rocker Carole Pope of Rough Trade, who flew in from her home in New York for her film, Suck, which premieres today (stay tuned for our coverage of the after-party). “I wanted to see The Young Victoria because I heard great things about Emily Blunt,” she said. “But unfortunately it’s on the last day and I have to fly home before that.”

Though she’s in her 50s, Pope looks like she could kick serious butt. She soon decided it was time to go back to her hotel and we took a brief stroll with her up to Queen Street West, where she was upset to find that Shoppers Drug Mart had closed. “What is this, Toronto?!” she laughed. When we got to Bathurst, her eyes went straight for the Tim Hortons.

“We have a few in New York but it’s just not the same,” she laments. “I didn’t try the doughnuts there, but the coffee was awful.”