Hockey Night in Canada is going 3-D

Hockey Night in Canada is going 3-D

It's possible this suit would induce a seizure in 3-D (Image: Owen Byrne)

Whether you think 3-D is the future of cinema and television or abhor it as a gimmicky abomination, we’re sure everyone can agree that the last thing we need to see with an extra dimension is Don Cherry. As the smart-mouthed bulldog himself proclaimed, “My jackets are loud enough as it is.”

But see him in 3-D we will. CBC announced yesterday that it will broadcast two NHL games—complete with Cherry and Ron MacLean‘s Coach’s Corner segment—in 3-D this winter. While other networks have tried out the medium on HD televisions with temporary glasses—as the CBC did with the Queen’s coronation in September—these games require a 3-D TV and the special glasses that come with it.

Scott Stinson of the National Post previewed the effect and says that while wide shots look normal, close-up action shots are “striking.” The first enhanced game will see the Leafs take on long-time rivals the Montreal Canadiens on December 11, and the second is an outdoor game between Calgary and Montreal on February 20. If you’re one of the few Torontonians who own a 3-D TV, mark your calendar. The rest of us can file this under “might affect me in five years.”

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