Hipsters unite at DJ Chilly Gonzales’s Ivory Tower screening

Hipsters unite at DJ Chilly Gonzales's Ivory Tower screening

It was like a thousand stars in the hipster sky aligned when DJ Chilly Gonzales premiered his film Ivory Tower (a tale of sibling rivalry and chess) at Queen West screening room Camera Bar. The film boasts a cast that includes Gonzales, Montreal music man Tiga, Peaches and a cameo by Feist. Toronto scenester musician Gentleman Reg was an extra in one scene, and Germany’s Boyz Noize produced the soundtrack. Despite the way-cool pedigree, the film wasn’t an official TIFF selection; the powers that be deemed the flick too much of a mish-mash of genres. In a Q&A after the screening, Gonzales defended the fest’s decision, joking, “I don’t hold it against TIFF. Fucking assholes.” Gonzales, who arrived wearing a robe, slippers and carrying a suitcase, hot off a set at Festival Music House, declined a photo (“I just feel like shit. Sorry”) but chatted with fellow filmmaker Bruce LaBruce (who brought along posters of his film L.A. Zombie) and fervent fans before slipping off into the night.

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