Here’s what the Raptors look like as Simpsons characters

Here’s what the Raptors look like as Simpsons characters

It’s been a whole week since the Raptors made history and sent the entire nation into a Kawhi-obsessed basketball frenzy. Their win has inspired some phenomenal murals, memes and probably some future Drake lyrics, but our favourite creations come from this Toronto-based graphic designer, who turned the entire team into Simpsons characters. To commemorate the week-iversary of the win, here’s a look at the best illustrations.

Here’s the whole gang:

If the championships taught us anything, it’s that Kawhi really is a fun guy:

It looks like America threw up all over Toronto here:

This one is a tribute to Serge Ibaka’s How Hungry are You? YouTube show:

Here’s Fred VanVleet taking five with Grandpa Abe:

KD had his eye on the prize:

Let’s not forget about DeMar DeRozan, the self-described sacrificial lamb:

Or Nav Bhatia:

Here’s Kyle Lowry poppin’ bottles:

Five hours later…:

All of Plant Guy’s wildest dreams came true:

And here’s fun guy Kawhi in Niagara Falls: