Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2—The Drinking Game

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2—The Drinking Game

Given that the franchise is coming to an end and the last instalment opens to the public tonight (and the lavish premiere after party was just hosted at Casa Loma), we thought it was time to serve up a Harry Potter drinking game—especially considering most of the stars have now edged past our legal drinking age (has it really been 11 years?). Since most viewers have already read the books, we imagine that after the early criticisms of “not like the book,” the instinct might be to take a nip between scenes that may run a bit too long. Here, our surefire guide to get you plastered while Harry and the gang hunt down he who shall not be named (hint—it’s Voldemort):

Take a drink:

• Every time someone says “Horcrux.”
• Whenever an otherwise fresh-faced young ’un has a face full of bruises.
• Every time it is re-established that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are indeed going to hook up.
• Each time you are unimpressed with the 3-D, only to then be disappointed by the blurry screen when you take off your recyclable specs.
• Every time the movie tries to convince us that Harry and Ginny are in capital-L love. Take an extra shot if there’s a gross kiss involved.
• Whenever Snape’s hair is so greasy you think it’s going to drip off the screen into your popcorn.
• Anytime you feel bad for Draco Malfoy, even though you know you’re supposed to hate him.
• Whenever you are shocked at how hot one of the cast members is now, and realize how uncomfortable you would have been with that realization 11 years ago.

Take half a drink (expert edition):

• Every time someone casts a spell (maybe only a sip when that spell is “Expelliarmus,” the “Party All the Time” of wizard spells).
• Each time someone makes a reference to wands. Take two when someone mentions the Elder Wand.
• Whenever there’s a hazy, blue-filtered flashback.
• Every time Hermione knows the answer to something obscure.
• Whenever Ron tries to prove he’s no longer the cowardly lion we’ve already determined he is.