What happened at last night’s official The Real Housewives of Toronto finale screening party

By Jen Kirsch| Photography by George Pimentel
What happened at last night's official The Real Housewives of Toronto finale screening party

Last night, Ann Kaplan Mulholland rounded up her fellow Housewives (except for Kara, of course) and her nearest and dearest (yes, even Stephanie the Lash Girl was there) for a private screening of The Real Housewives of Toronto finale at the King West Japanese restaurant Blowfish:


The room was covered in bushels of purple and silver balloons, with two 40-inch flat-screen TVs pulled together for the main event. The Housewives and friends sipped cocktails, mingled and sampled some of Blowfish’s appetizers, including miso eggplant, spicy rock shrimp and grilled shishito pepper skewers. Joan’s friend Jonathan Furlong, an interior designer who appeared in episode six, was the night’s unofficial emcee:


A few minutes before airtime, a drag queen stormed the venue dressed in garbage bags—the same look Ann rocked this week on ET Canada. Ann’s friend John-Paul Ricchio arranged the cameo to surprise Ann:


At 10 p.m., the Housewives hustled to their seats to watch the finale:


Ann’s husband, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, was the only spouse in attendance, ensuring Ann’s glass of white was always topped up:


Roxy Earle watched with pride, documenting the evening on Instagram. At one point, she stood up, got everyone’s attention and crossed her arms in an X just before the episode’s climax: the scene in which she tells off villainous Housewife Kara Alloway. Roxy muttered her lines to herself as she watched, nodding her head:


Whenever Kara appeared onscreen, the Housewives glanced at one another knowingly and the entire room erupted in boos, often followed by giggles. The other Housewives earned mostly cheers, especially when they stood up for themselves:


After the finale, Joan Kelley Walker said she was on Team Roxy. “She is a dear friend and she knows that I support and respect her,” she said. “I felt that if I did not accept Kara’s apology, nothing would happen. We would all end up in the same place as before. For the entire season, I have been very clear that I wanted to get past this issue”:


Jana Webb, who was feeling under the weather, made a quick exit with gal pal Gregoriane Minot after the screening:


Ann stuck around for a while, chatting about the episode and her wedding gown, an elaborate dress by Evan Biddell. Ann admitted her style is “out there.” She added, “You don’t have to have money to rock a look.” Maybe that explains why she decided to dress up in garbage bags.


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