The 20 best jack-o’-lanterns from last night’s pumpkin parades

For those of us too old to go trick-or-treating, the best thing about Halloween is actually the night after All Hallows’ Eve. That’s when Toronto’s best squash artists haul their dazzling jack-o’-lanterns down to their local parks for a pumpkin parade. Here, our 20 favourite carved creations.

20. The obligatory Treehouse of Horror pumpkin:


19. “North Over Everything” evidently hasn’t caught on quite yet:


18. Just a classic, well-executed jack-o’-lantern:


17. An Italian plumber of some sort:



16. Some imaginative design work here:


15 and 14. It’s a tie between two equally impressive raccoons:


13. The first (but not last) Trumpkin:


12. A pair of attractive albinos:


11 and 10. Is it too soon to make a “Gourd Downie” joke? Either way, another tie:



9. Prepare for the invasion:


8. A clever Stranger Things–inspired jack-o’-lantern:


7 and 6. Masterful takes on a couple of horror icons:


5. The E.T. pumpkin was a fan favourite:


4. Hellraiser‘s Pinhead:



3. An amazing entry all the way from Peterborough:


2. The most terrifying pumpkin of the year:


1. We know how this artist spent the entire month of October:


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