Gordon Pinsent is bringing Babar back

Gordon Pinsent is bringing Babar back

First Bieber, now Babar? Lately, it would seem that 80-year-old self-proclaimed Canadian icon Gordon Pinsent has a penchant for all things juvenile. The actor made a YouTube splash last month when he adopted mock gravitas to read from Justin Bieber‘s memoir for This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Now he’s announced he’ll be reprising his role as the voice of King Babar in a new television series based on the classic children’s book.

And guess what? He’s thrilled! In an interview with the National Post, Pinsent revealed a vivacity and excitement for his career that, after half a century in the business, is utterly charming.

“My whole career has depended on the happiness that I get when asked to do something,” explained Pinsent. “Pick up the phone and say ‘yes.’ I do that a lot.” That’s how he ended up doing his now famous Bieber reading, which was filmed in half an hour at The Keg restaurant. Pinsent brought his bow tie, and the rest is Internet history. “I thought I would faint when all of this stuff started to happen,” says Pinsent of the YouTube hit. “It joins a list of things that helps make up the canvas that is your career. I’ve never stopped having a good time in this business.”

He also admits to getting somewhat miffed when people act incredulous that he is still working at his age: “If I had gotten out of the business years ago, I would have missed so much good stuff.” With a playful joie de vivre that would seem youthful for a man half his age, Pinsent has a whole new generation hoping he stays in the business for many years to come. So tell us, dear readers, could Gordon Pinsent be Canada’s answer to Betty White?

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