Geminis to pay tribute to Canada’s favourite TV show

Geminis to pay tribute to Canada's favourite TV show

If you’re one of the poor excuses for a Canadian who doesn’t know what the Gemini awards are, it’s probably easiest to think of them as either the Emmys for Canada or the Junos for television. It’s a special night when Canadian TV’s best and brightest get all gussied up and then wax poetic about what an outstanding show Degrassi is.

At least that’s what’s happening this year. The annual Canadian television awards show will pay special tribute to the enduring popularity of every Canadian’s favourite homegrown high-school drama, which started back in 1979 as The Kids of Degrassi Street. Numerous alumni of the show will be on hand to weep at the memories, including Nina Dobrev, Stefan Brogren, Amanda Stepto, Adamo Ruggiero, Cassie Steele, Lauren Collins and Melinda Shankar.

The show’s organizers have also announced there will be a collaborative musical performance by Elvis Costello, Ron Sexsmith, Leslie Feist, fiddler Kendal Carson and bassist Barry Bales. If only the song were also a tribute to Degrassi. Glee heartthrob Cory Monteith will host this Saturday’s televised gala, so expect a musical opening number and a larger-than-average viewership of swooning teens.

• Costello, Feist to play at Gemini gala [CBC]


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