Fucked Up and Stars get friendly on Twitter

Fucked Up and Stars get friendly on Twitter

In true Canadian fashion, indie bands Fucked Up and Stars turned a potential Twitter war into a love-in. While earlier this week American celebrities were exchanging some drama-worthy tweets (Billy Corgan accused Courtney Love of abandoning her daughter: “Only u could abandon such a beautiful, incredible child who is smarter than u, cooler than u, and better than u”), Fucked Up and Stars turned all schmaltzy after Twitter tensions rose on Tuesday.

In response to the Stars’ intention to boycott Arizona due to its controversial new immigration laws, Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham—who thought the band would be better off using its star power to engage the people of Arizona—tweeted that the Stars’ argument was “inane.” Things were on the cusp of getting interesting when Stars accused Abraham of having “a job at Fox news” (in reference to his guest appearances on Red Eye), but then it all descended into a love-fest:

“I kinda like your band,” Abraham admitted in another tweet, to which Stars replied, “it goes without saying that fucked up are pretty fucking awesome.” And then: agreement time. A protest concert in Arizona could work out too, Stars wrote. Sigh.

Where’s the Canadian celebrity who will tweet without thinking? Where’s our Scott Baio?

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