Food Network Canada announces a slew of new series for the fall

Food Network Canada announces a slew of new series for the fall

The stars of SugarStars, the new Food Network Canada “real life sitcom” (Image: Food Network Canada)

Food Network Canada has released its fall lineup, and it looks delicious (if one’s definition of delicious includes spending many hours on a couch). A grand total of 13 new shows are set to hit the air beginning August 27, four of them all-new (Chef Michael’s Kitchen, SugarStars, Restaurant Takeover and Food Factory) and the rest Canadian premieres of already-established foodie series, including: Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell, Chuck’s Week Off, Cupcake Champions, Nigella Kitchen, Meat Men and 24 in 24. Here’s what to expect from the new shows:

Chef Michael’s Kitchen

Michael Smith (formerly of Chef Abroad, Chef at Home, Chef at Large and The Inn Chef) mines some familiar territory: breaking down the cooking techniques of traditional dishes for viewers who find themselves not so at-home in the kitchen. Of course there’s a twist: he then teaches them how to impress themselves (and others) with easy but effective embellishments to add pizazz to what can be somewhat humdrum meals.


Billed as a “real life sitcom,” this new series follows so-called “dessert divas” Elle Daftarian, Yolanda Gampp, Casper Hydar, and Antonella Grillone Kousipetkou at Toronto’s Petite and Sweet, a specialty dessert and luxe event planning boutique in Summerhill. We’re imagining Real Housewives crossed with Ace of Cakes, with even more sugar involved. Sounds like a recipe for (concocted) drama.

Restaurant Takeover

A decidedly sneakier version of the notorious Restaurant Makeover series, this show puts two industry gurus (one chef and one designer) undercover at a floundering restaurant to determine just what is going on behind the scenes. After that, it’s pretty much like the original series. Expect hilarious/horrifying clips from hidden cameras, as well as appearances from Corbin Tomaszeski of C5 and Dinner Party Wars, Mistura’Massimo Capra and Top Chef Canada’s Andrea Nicholson and Cherie Stinson.

Food Factory

Go behind the scenes at various food factories for a look at how food is made on production lines. The show plans to reveal the ingredients, techniques and manufacturing processes that contribute to the creation of, what the press release deems to be, “our favourite treats.” No word yet whether this will include Cheezies (and if it will, do you really want to know?).