Finally, more details about Toronto’s Jersey Shore

Finally, more details about Toronto’s Jersey Shore

Hey, any excuse to use this photo of The Situation (Image: MTV)

Since we initially wrote about a Toronto version of Jersey Shore coming to fruition, readers have offered fist-pumping enthusiasm as well as jeers. Over the weekend, the show’s Iranian-Canadian producer, Maryan Rahimi, did a Q&A with the Globe (the article isn’t on-line, probably because the moderators don’t want to deal with the comments). Here are the highlights:

1. On stereotyping Iranian-Canadians
“It will make a lot of people angry and lead to a lot of talk about how it is misrepresenting Persians. Obviously, for entertainment purposes, a lot of things will be exaggerated, but, bottom line, there are Persians who fit right in here and others who don’t.”

It’s impossible to judge without seeing the show, so let’s just say that any explanation that contains the words “for entertainment purposes” should be approached with healthy (if not entertaining) skepticism.

2. On creating drama
“I will drop little things in the show to trigger some sort of conflict. This one gets jealous of the other one, and that sort of thing. I might pull out one of the personalities and say something to her that will work her up. There will be scripted conflicts for the purpose of making the show exciting. People know that, even though it’s ‘reality,’ it’s scripted.”

Props for honesty? Does this mean participants need to be a member of ACTRA?

3. On recreating the seductive atmosphere of Seaside Heights
“When Persians go out, whether it’s to grocery shop or to a nightclub, they like to dress up and show off. That sex appeal will be something you’ll see all the way through the show.”

Ah, well—that answers question #1.

The official T.O. Jersey Shore Facebook fan page says auditions are scheduled for next month, with production slated to start in June and the pilot due sometime in mid-summer. No word on which network is going to snap up this gem, but our money’s on Slice.

The New York Times reports that none of these spinoffs (from the Bostonian Massholes to another “Persian Version”) are affiliated with MTV, though Jersey Shore casting director Doron Ofir apparently doesn’t mind the copycats.

Perhaps we’ll see some crossovers in the future, with the Princess of Poughkeepsie smooshing with our Prince of Persia? Stay tuned.