Fergieless Black Eyed Pea fails to excite even the regulars at Ultra

Fergieless Black Eyed Pea fails to excite even the regulars at Ultra

Not that anyone really noticed, but Apl.de.ap made an appearance at Ultra last night (Image: Nicola Genin)

We got the feeling it was not such a good night for Black Eyed Pea Apl.de.ap. Last night, Ultra Supper Club had him deejaying—even singing!—but the half-full club couldn’t match his energy on the opening evening of TIFF. Even 2007’s opening party hosted by Australian supermodel Rachel Hunter had a bigger turnout. Rachel Hunter!

At least Apl’s return to Ultra showed there are no hard feelings after his bandmate Fergie fought with Perez Hilton at the downtown nightclub following last year’s MuchMusic Video Awards. Mr. De.ap looked like he was having a blast while deejaying, jamming his fingers in the air as he played hip hop, including his own Black Eyed Peas tracks, to which he sang along.

But despite his best efforts, the dance floor was a grim scene. Initially occupied only by photographers, the floor filled up with the club’s trademark mix of scorchingly bleached blondes, men in full suits and people of both sexes who appear to leave the gym only to come to Ultra.

Along with players from the Tampa Bay Rays, in town for their Friday night game against the Blue Jays, reality TV pop group Girlicious lounged over bottle service. Twenty-two-year-old Texan blonde Nichole Cordova gossiped about her movie star crush, Hayden Christensen. “He’s what makes my boyfriend mad,” she confided. Apparently Nicole will still be in town this Saturday when the recently single Torontonian actor and his brother Tove take over Ultra themselves. So about that boyfriend—let’s ask her about him again on Sunday.

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