Everything we learned from Harper’s Bazaar’s profile of Jessica Mulroney

Everything we learned from Harper’s Bazaar’s profile of Jessica Mulroney

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Last week, Harper’s Bazaar published a profile of Jessica Mulroney. It’s the first interview she’s given since her role as supporting bestie in the 2018 Royal Wedding and, while she didn’t spill any details about the Duchess of Sussex, she did talk cocktails, sneakers and her passion for Canadian fashion labels. Here are the tasty takeaways.

It’s margarita o’clock somewhere

Mulroney’s interview with American journalist Julie Kosin took place in the pristine kitchen of her Moore Park home, complete with perfectly styled snacks (steak strips, smoked salmon and sliced veggies) and a pitcher of hibiscus margaritas, prepared by her friend, Toronto chef Matt Basile. Tequila is a “happy trigger,” according to Mulroney, who declared that cocktail hour should start after you cross three things off your to-do list—a rule we can all get behind.

She’s a sneakerhead

She’s been collecting them for nearly two decades, and showed up for her interview wearing a pair of Adidas with Star Wars shell toes.

She is not—repeat, not—Meghan Markle’s stylist

Mulroney may have been branded as Meghan Markle’s unofficial stylist, but Mulroney says she doesn’t think of herself as one at all. Most of her job apparently happens behind the scenes. “People don’t know that I work so much on the back end of things,” she said. “My business is with brands.” (Read: she’s mainly a brand consultant.) It’s a fine answer, sure, but it also seems a little semantic if her business just so happens happens to be with a brand that benefits from being on the back of the Duchess.

Or at least, she isn’t Meghan Markle’s stylist all the time

In the magazine’s photo shoot, Mulroney sports a leopard print coat by Noni, a brand that royal watchers may recognize from last summer, when Markle wore a Noni sleeveless trench dress to visit the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition​. Her outfit earned a lot of oohs and ahhs on the internet and, according to Mulroney, saved the Calgary-based brand from shutting down. “It’s tough to be a designer, but it’s really tough to be a Canadian designer,” she says. “Sometimes all you need is that one-time break and it’ll change your life. If you get your item on a celebrity, that’s almost like the top of the top—a new way of creating business.”

She was never a big wedding girl

Even though she’s a consultant at Kleinfeld and the resident wedding expert at Sunwing Vacations, Mulroney was never the kid who made veils out of pillow cases. “I wasn’t a girl who dreamt about her wedding, so I think I come [to styling] with that energy,” she said. She did, however, reveal that there was a bridezilla involved in her 2008 nuptials. (It was Ben.)

But she probably helped with the Royal Wedding

There’s still the burning question of whether Mulroney contributed her expertise to the Royal Wedding. That topic, however, was off limits, along with any other discussion about the Duchess. “Listen, every person has to have a bit of privacy in their life,” she said. “There are things I’ll never talk about for sure. My life is an open book, but there’s always a few secret pages in the back that nobody will be able to read.”

That whole GMA drama was non-drama

A few weeks back, the unfailingly (un)reliable Daily Mail published a piece claiming that Jessica’s position as a “style guru” (not stylist) on Good Morning America was in jeopardy after she failed give the network a head’s up on the Duchess’ NYC baby shower. That was a lie, and Mulroney says the that being the subject of false rumours comes with the territory. “There are so many benefits to certain things, but then also a lot of negativity.”

Instagram doesn’t tell the whole story

Mulroney’s life looks glamorous on Instagram, but she says she only has time for two things: work and family. Her approach to everything is, surprisingly, pretty nonchalant. “I don’t take myself too seriously. I never think I’m the smartest person in the room. I didn’t invent something; I just chose to find my strengths and do things that make me happy,” she said. “So far, so good, but I’m not changing the world.”