Everything we know about the “Drake curse”–and whether it’s the real deal

Everything we know about the “Drake curse”–and whether it’s the real deal

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Superstitious sports fans suspect that Drake is to blame for a recent string of unlucky losses. Last week, managers of the Italian football club AS Roma got in on the action by banning its players from taking selfies with Drake, and the Leafs certainly didn’t fare well when Drizzy attended Sunday’s game six. But is the Six God really the sports world’s most beloved bad luck charm? Here’s everything you need to know about the curse, who’s got it and whether Toronto’s teams are doomed.

What is the Drake Curse and how does it work?
It can be pretty tricky to nail down hard and fast rules of the supernatural realm, but the so-called curse seems to affect teams and athletes through various forms of Drake association. When he wears a team’s jersey, they lose. When he takes a photo with an athlete, they lose. The curse may also be transmitted via customized sweatshirts and possibly kissing.

When did the curse start?
The evidence dates back to 2012, when Drake began to associate himself with the Kentucky Wildcats. In the pre-Drizzy era, they consistently made the playoffs—they’re the most successful team in the NCAA Division I program, with 8 National Championships under their belts—but they’ve failed to snag a single championship win since 2012. Around the same time, Drake’s football player pal (and frequent party companion) Johnny Manziel went from first-round draft pick to disastrous downfall after he got OVO tattooed on his inner wrist.

Where’s the evidence?
Talk of the curse began gathering momentum in 2015, when Drake showed up to cheer on his long-time crush, tennis superstar Serena Williams, at the U.S. Open. Williams was heavily favoured to win against underdog Roberta Vinci. Instead, she buckled. A year later, Williams addressed her status as curse-casualty in an interview with Glamour magazine. She said the loss was her own fault, and that Drizzy had nothing to do with it. (But realistically, what else was she supposed to say?) More recently, the curse has made its way overseas following a string of suspicious losses by European football teams.

Can Drake use his powers for good?
Drake doesn’t appear to have any control over the curse.

What about the Raptors?
The Raptor brand, fan base and playoff prospects have all exploded and Drake definitely deserves some credit for being one of their biggest supporters. Still, there is some evidence to suggest that having Drizzy front and centre isn’t helping the team win: a statistical analysis looking at three seasons’ worth of data found the team scored more points at the games he didn’t attend. Last season, there was even some talk about how Drake’s prolonged absence may have triggered the Raptor’s playoff winning streak.

Is the curse permanent?
The curse can be lifted. The Crystal Palace Football Club recently triumphed over Arsenal after flirting with the curse earlier this month. Serena Williams is also doing just fine!

Can we really blame Drake for the Leaf’s devastating game six defeat?
It is weird that the final score of 6-4 matched the number 6 jersey Drake was wearing at the game, but he wasn’t there last night and they still lost, so it was probably just a coincidence.

Does Drake know about the Drake Curse?
He does, but apparently he doesn’t take it very seriously. But just to be safe, maybe Drizzy should watch the Raptors in the NBA semi finals from the comfort of his Bridle Path mega mansion.