Everything we know about Caitlin Clemmens, the Toronto-based contestant on the newest season of The Bachelor

Everything we know about Caitlin Clemmens, the Toronto-based contestant on the newest season of The Bachelor
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Season 23 of The Bachelor kicks off on Monday, and this time, there’s a Torontonian among the 30 women vying for retired football player Colton Underwood’s v-card (and his heart). Here’s everything we know about Canadian contestant Caitlin Clemmens.

She’s a real estate agent The 25-year-old Western alumna has a B.A. in psychology. After graduating in 2017, she moved to Toronto and got a job with the Toronto-based agency Starke Realty. A few months back, she and her partner Brett Starke became the first Canadian realtors to successfully list and sell a home for Bitcoin. Whether she’s as good at selling herself as she is at selling condos remains to be seen.

She has a lot of hobbies Clemmens’ Bachelor dating profile tells us she’s a fan of photography, painting and singing in the shower. She’s also a long-time equestrian: she started horseback riding when she was four and competed in the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

She’s mastered the art of the selfie A quick peek through Clemmens’ Instagram feed suggests one of her greatest passions is self-promotion. (So. Many. Selfies.)

She makes quite a first impression Colton’s virginity has been a big talking point leading up to the season premiere. You’d think any mention of cherry popping would be an awkward way to start a conversation, but Clemmens disagrees. In a clip tweeted by The Bachelor, Clemmens hops out of the limo with a red balloon, struts up to Colton and pops it right in front of him. It’s so cringe-worthy you’ll wish she was wearing a giant shark costume. (Or was it a dolphin?)

She could be the show’s villain  Or at least, a villain, since most past seasons have featured more than one baddie. Based on what we know from teasers, Clemmens is all about the drama. Another contestant accuses her of scaring Colton so badly he starts shaking. With zero hints about what she did to terrify her prospective Prince Charming, we’ll go ahead and guess it had something to do with NAFTA or poutine or some other Canadian mystery the Illinois-born hunk is unfamiliar with.

But she’s probably not The One In her most recent Instagram post, from Christmas Day, Clemmens is posing with an adorable new puppy. She wrote that the little guy has taught her about patience, discipline and companionship, which sounds a whole lot like a not-so-thinly veiled swipe at bipedal men everywhere, and perhaps a spoiler that she and Colton did not find true love on The Bachelor.


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