Every GTA location that shows up in Netflix’s The Man from Toronto

Every GTA location that shows up in Netflix’s The Man from Toronto

Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart in The Man from Toronto

The new big-budget action-comedy The Man from Toronto is about a bumbling internet fitness trainer, Teddy (Kevin Hart), who gets mistaken for Randy (Woody Harrelson), a deadly assassin who goes by—you guessed it—the Man from Toronto. Despite its title and filming locations, the movie isn’t set in the city. And, if it had been, Hart and Harrelson might have gotten the pronunciation of the city’s name right. Here’s a spoilery breakdown of all the notable locations.


We first meet Teddy and his wife, Lori (Jasmine Matthews), in their hometown of Yorktown, Virginia. Milton’s Main Street serves as the stand-in for Yorktown’s high street, where Teddy tries to get his no-contact boxing idea off the ground.


Etobicoke home

Teddy and Lori’s home is a wartime house in Etobicoke, of the style originally built for veterans and industry workers during the Second World War.


Downtown Toronto

Randy is introduced with a shot of the city’s skyline as a backdrop.


Ancaster Mill

Teddy surprises Lori with a spa day at the scenic Ancaster Mill restaurant and venue, which masquerades as a countryside day resort.


Heart Lake Conservation Park

Teddy also plans a trip to an idyllic cabin in Onancock, Virginia, which in reality is Brampton’s lush Heart Lake Conservation Park.


Heart Lake

Here’s a better look at Heart Lake, where Teddy stops at the wrong cabin—built by production—and gets mistaken for the Man from Toronto.


Central Public School

After the cabin gets blown up, FBI agents convince Teddy to help them disrupt a plot to assassinate the president of Venezuela. They set up camp in the gym of Central Public School in Brampton.


Aga Khan Museum

Teddy and the FBI hurry off to a Washington, DC, art museum to meet with the people who want to hire the hitman for the assassination. Their meeting takes place outside the Aga Khan Museum, in North York.


Gardiner Expressway

The Venezuelan plotters whisk Teddy away from the FBI’s watchful eyes, which leads to a high-speed chase with Randy under the Gardiner.


Hamilton Jetport

Teddy is forced onto a plane by the FBI at a private airport in Hamilton.


Claireville Conservation Area

It isn’t long before Randy hijacks the aircraft and crash lands in a field in Puerto Rico. The field is the Claireville Conservation Area, in Brampton. Granted, some CGI palm trees were thrown in to make it look more tropical.


Sunnyside Pavilion

While stuck with Randy, Teddy picks up supplies from a cutesy outdoor market—a.k.a. the Sunnyside Pavilion on Lake Shore Boulevard—to make his role play as the Man from Toronto more convincing before their next meeting, in Puerto Rico.


CBC Building

After their information-gathering meeting, Randy and Teddy get intercepted by another lethal assassin, the Man from Miami, and break out into a fight in what we know as the CBC atrium.


Enercare Centre

After making their escape, Teddy and Randy arrive stateside, landing at Exhibition Place’s Enercare Centre.


Le Sélect Bistro

The duo meet Lori and her friend, Anne (Kaley Cuoco), for dinner at a restaurant called L’Ambassadeur—gourmet foodies will recognize it as the beloved Le Sélect Bistro. Of course, both the Man from Miami and the FBI follow them there, and we end up with another brawl.


Milton, revisited

After disappearing from their date, Teddy arrives home and finds out that Lori has left to spend some time apart. He runs to find her at the train station, bringing us back to Main Street, where more international assassins arrive for a big climatic fight sequence.


Kingsway Boxing Club

With Randy arriving to help, the fight continues in Marty’s Gym—the Kingsway Boxing Club in Etobicoke.


Brampton GO Station

With all the bad guys defeated at last, Teddy finds his wife and their happy ending at the Brampton GO train station.