Elevated Oprah takes no chances with security (except sometimes)

Elevated Oprah takes no chances with security (except sometimes)

Destination unknown: elevator numbers were switched off at the Hazelton when Oprah was changing floors (Photo by Karon Liu)

Going up? O, no you’re not.

When Oprah Winfrey rides the elevator, the numbers go black, or so claims a Yorkville insider we met at the InStyle party. The insider told us that although Oprah fans had swarmed the Four Seasons in hopes of catching their 4 p.m. saviour, the Precious producer was, in fact, staying at The Hazelton. We also learned that when Oprah wanted to go up or down the elevator, FBI tactics were in play: all the elevators went dark so no one could know which floor she was on. To further ensure her safeguard, security would block off the foyer to prevent other guests—A-listers or not—from getting to their room.

While it’s exciting to know that Bond-style techniques were used to protect the big O, we find it rather odd that she would eat at Sotto Sotto. Once the media got wind of her dinner plans, why didn’t reservations get swapped to a more discreet spot? When she did arrive for dinner, the usual autograph hounds were replaced by a huge pack of desperate housewives.

It seems a bit inconsistent for her to have the elevators blacked out within the protected lobby of a guarded hotel when, hours later, she’s willing to step into a public arena with rabid fans squealing for attention. Perhaps she should have taken a cue from George Clooney and opted for something more inconspicuous, like Jack Astor’s.