Ed Norton’s fans rival Oprah’s in the insanity category

Ed Norton’s fans rival Oprah’s in the insanity category

Honest Ed: signing autographs for fans outside of the Ryerson Theatre (Photo by Karon Liu)

The police were called to the barriers at the premiere of Leaves of Grass last night at the Ryerson Theatre when crowds almost tipped over the barricades at the sight of Edward Norton, especially when they realized Norton was particularly generous with autograph signing.

Norton along with director, writer and star Tim Blake Nelson were darting back and forth across the red carpet signing autographs, saying “I’ll be back” before doing media interviews. Norton signed someone’s ticket and almost forgot to give it back.

Co-star Keri Russell was overwhelmed by the chanting fans, only one of which yelled out “Felicity!” and mainly stayed on the media side after signing a few autographs. Melanie Lynskey, who is in town for Up in the Air and The Informant! was a no-show, as was Susan Sarandon, who was rumoured to pay an unexpected visit.

Newcomer Lucy DeVito, who has inherited her father Danny’s height, looked a little deflated when her publicist yelled out her name to the fans in hopes there would be some excitement but instead was met with silence. DeVito shrugged her shoulders and continued down the carpet. Parents Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman also walked the carpet but were initially hesitant to sign autographs as to not take the attention away from their daughter. They eventually relented and signed anything that didn’t say Fight Club on it.